Get ready. The race is on! Colleyville is partnering with schools in the Colleyville Receipt Race challenge to help support local businesses impacted by the recent construction. Schools, students, parents and staff are encouraged to continue the race while receiving donations to each of their PTA programs. Find out where to shop for the Colleyville Receipt Race to help your school win at Town Center Colleyville:

Shop with Market Street

We all go grocery shopping, so why not help your local schools and businesses at the same time? Market Street at Town Center Colleyville offers customers gourmet in a different way. Shop for your entire grocery list while saving money with deals, or take care of your special events with concierge, catering, floral and bakery experts. Earn free groceries and save on gas money all while collecting receipts for your local Colleyville Receipt Race!

Treat the pets with Bark Avenue & Market

Several pets lack the correct nutrition as well as true love and affection. That’s why Tammy and John Doak have brought us Bark Avenue & Market. Provide your four-legged family members with the food, nutrition and care they deserve by shopping with a place that cares just as much as you do. Shop premium pet foods, nutrition, treatments and pet accessories with specials and deals to go with it. Keep the pets strong and living long.

Join the War with Warhammer Games Workshop

Kill two birds with one stone when you shop for your tabletop war game miniatures and battle your friends in Warhammer 40k. Warhammer Games Workshop at Town Center Colleyville provides you with games, tables, beginner sets, rule books, painting-how tos and more. Design your own army however you choose, and let the games begin. Find out how you can see your miniatures on the Games Workshop website.

What better way to get your daily errands finished than helping out your local businesses, schools and communities at the same time? Find out how you can still participate in the Colleyville Receipt Race today to help. For more on where to shop for the Colleyville Receipt Race to help your school win, check out these blogs and directory pages!

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #540496162