Did you know that you could save hundreds of dollars next year simply by using your dental, vision or health benefits by the end of the year? Most employee benefit plans run on a calendar year rather than a fiscal year. If your plan is operating on a traditional calendar year, then your benefits will reset on January 1st. Here are the best reasons to use your employee benefits before the end of the year with the medical offices at Town Center Colleyville:

Use Employee Benefits with Azure Dental

Dental benefits are a big part of the plans given to you by your employers. They usually set your dental benefits with a yearly maximum, which is generally around $1000. Every time you go to the dentist, you chip away at this yearly maximum. Some procedures will hit your maximum, while simple cleanings will leave you with plenty leftover. If you still have room left in your yearly maximum, there is still time to visit your friends at Azure Dental! These benefits don’t roll over into the next year, so it’s important to use them while you can. Call Azure Dental at (817) 809-4445 to schedule an appointment.

Simply Eyes is Ready for You

Vision benefits are also included with most employee benefit plans. You pay for these plans with every paycheck, so you might as well use them. Especially if you’ve already met a deductible, it would be a waste of money to wait until 2019 for your comprehensive eye exam or new glasses. Simply Eyes in the Village at Cumberland Park is accepting appointments until the end of the year, so give them a call at (817) 485-3300 today!

Cornerstone Health & Wellness Has Your Back

Chiropractic care is included in a majority of employee benefits can make a huge difference when it comes to overall health. The spine is an incredibly sensitive bone structure that can be thrown off with heavy lifting, trauma or genetics. If something happens to your spine, it’s important to receive corrective care from a professional chiropractor. Cornerstone Health & Wellness is currently accepting new patients until the end of the year. Don’t let your medical benefits reset at the beginning of the year without receiving the care you need.

Town Center Colleyville is home to several incredible medical professionals that don’t want to see your benefits go unused. You’ve been paying for your employee benefits all year long, so you should use them while you still can. You could be sailing into the new year with a new pair of glasses, clean teeth and a better-feeling back than you thought possible. Want to learn more about what Town Center Colleyville has to offer? Visit our blog today!

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