It’s an exciting time of year! The first day of winter in Colleyville is on December 21st and Christmas is not far behind. Every runner knows that a little cold weather doesn’t mean that the action has to stop. Instead, it’s actually a great reason to head on over to Brazos Running Co to update your winter wardrobe and pick up some Christmas presents. Here are the best reasons to check out the Athleisure at Brazos Running Co in Town Center Colleyville:

You Can’t Go Wrong with Ready-to-Wear Athleisure 

Athleisure wear is on-trend for both athletes and non-athletes, so Brazos Running Co has something for everyone on your list. Whether you are shopping for your family, friends or coworkers, athleisure checks all of the boxes. Their extensive clothing collection provides performance and function for athletes, while also providing comfort and style for those who want to relax. Athleisure wear pairs perfectly with a gift certificate from the holiday deal at Massage Envy to form the perfect Christmas gift.

Shoe Fitting Creates a Personalized Gift

In addition to a wide selection of athleisure wear, Brazos Running Co offers a shoe fitting service that helps you choose the best shoes for your needs. Using in-depth gait analysis, measurements and the extensive knowledge of their shoe experts, you will receive a personalized recommendation for shoes that fit your lifestyle. Have someone on your list that could use a great pair of shoes? Purchase a gift card or make a day out of bringing them in for their own shoe fitting experience.

Running Club Helps Your Survive the First Day of Winter in Colleyville

Now that you have a new winter wardrobe and the best pair of shoes, you will need a running partner to keep you on track during the cold winter months. Brazos Running Co offers a running club that meets three times a week for social runs. They will also keep you informed of races in the area that fit your current athletic goals. This is perfect for finding a friend to motivate you during your run on the first day of winter in Colleyville!

Brazos Running Co isn’t just a store, it’s a lifestyle. With a wide selection of apparel and services, you can find everything you need to pursue your passion under one roof. Want to learn more about shopping for Christmas Gifts at Town Center Colleyville? Check out our directory and our blog today!

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #897241142