Every summer deserves a few good summer date nights, and we think we’ve found the perfect place for you to spend yours! From delicious desserts to juicy burgers, Town Center Colleyville has everything you and your significant other needs. Here is a list of your summer date night ideas in Colleyville at Town Center Colleyville: 

Shake Night Ideas for Your Date Night Ideas

Everyone knows you can never go wrong with sweet desserts on a date night. Whether you’ve had a filling dinner or not, Muggle Shakes in Colleyville won’t let you down. Spend the evening dipping into your favorite ice cream flavored mugs topped with sprinkles, candy and chocolate syrupy goodness. Now that’s a date night. 

There’s Nothing Like a Burger Night

If you or your significant other are burger people, you won’t want to pass up the chance to eat at Burgerim for the night. From the Hawaiian Salmon and Greek Lamb burgers to the Grilled Chicken and Spanish Beef burgers, there’s plenty for the two of you to enjoy. Create the perfect duo burgers and top them off with an ice cold milkshake to go. 

Good Brunch Leads to Full Dinners

Sometimes, a good meal in the day can last you all the way through the night. If you and your date get a little too hungry a little too early, Townhouse Brunch is sure to satisfy your craving. Enjoy the freshest premium ingredients for burgers, salads and sandwiches or spoil yourselves with American classics like Oreo Pancakes, shrimp and grits, and fruit explosion french toast while you end the night off with no more stomach growling or cravings. 

Next time you find yourself searching for the perfect date night this summer, check out Town Center Colleyville in Colleyville. Your stomachs won’t ever leave empty and you and your date won’t ever leave disappointed. For more information like summer date night ideas in Colleyville at Town Center Colleyville, catch up on our blogs and directory page!

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