Nowadays, family businesses and privately owned chains are thriving more than ever with the growing gig culture. If you’re on the hunt for a retail space for lease to relocate or expand your business, then check out the myriad of options available at the Town Center Colleyville shopping center.

Find a Retail Space for Lease with Plenty of Established Foot Traffic

The Town Center Colleyville is a sprawling outdoor shopping center with a multitude of diverse shops and restaurants that suit a myriad of tastes. In fact, as most people head out for a day of shopping in Colleyville, this is typically where they start. By finding your retail space for lease with us, you are nearly guaranteed to have people at least browsing your location as soon as you open the doors.

Diverse Shopping Options Means a Diverse Customer Base

Because there are so many different shops at the Town Center Colleyville, we see a surplus of customers visit the center looking for a new restaurant to eat or a unique new storefront. Whether you want the people shopping in Colleyville to stop at your restaurant or you are starting a family business, your venture is sure to thrive in this prime location.

Appealing Aesthetic Keeps People Coming Back

One noticeable feature of many outdoor strip malls is that they’re not generally pleasing to look at so many people just keep driving by. When you find a retail space for lease at our shopping center you can expect a beautiful storefront with a stunning brick facade and crystal clear windows in which to set up your first displays.

Come find the new home for your business with one of our retail spaces for lease, and watch as the customers start to file through the door! Want to lease at Town Center Colleyville? Check us out today!

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