It’s Halloween season in Colleyville, and that means new spook-tacular things to get into. This October, get ready for new Halloween movies for kids at Studio Movie Grill with Town Center Colleyville. Here’s more on how you and your family can watch the season unfold: 

The Perfect Family for Halloween Movies for Kids

Is your family one of a kind? Whether your family is funny, creepy or strangely odd, you’ll love The Addams Family showing at Studio Movie Grill. Watch as the two worlds of ‘normal’ families and the particular ghoulish Addams family collide while the Addams try to fit in. If you’re into funny and witty mixed with a little bit of spooky adventure, this one is for you. 

From Maleficent to Magnificent 

If you like fairy tales, Maleficent will be better at keeping you up and on your toes. Journey through the quest for Maleficent to protect her goddaughter from love and dark new forces that may be of harm to her in the long run. The film is PG13 and opens Thursday, October 17th. 

Join the Chase with Gemini Man

When you’re into action and anything that has Will Smith in it, there’s no better choice than Gemini Man. See how Henry Brogan, an elite assassin suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative, realizes he is being chased by a younger, cloned version of himself that can seemingly predict his every move. 

Halloween doesn’t always have to be about dressing up and trick or treating. Sometimes, it can be about dressing down with dinner and movies. Find your new Halloween Movies for kids this season at Studio Movie Grill in Colleyville. For more on Town Center Colleyville and what to do in Colleyville this season, visit our blogs and directory pages today!

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