Summer is flying by, but are you still looking for things to do in Colleyville? If you, your date or your friends and family are interested in new movies, we’ve got the perfect place for you at Town Center Colleyville. Keep reading to get a sneak peek of the new movies out in August at Studio Movie Grill

New Movies, Same Angry Birds

If your kids liked the first Angry Birds, get ready for The Angry Birds Movie 2. Join in on the funny, witty and adventurous journey as these flightless birds and scheming green pigs team up and take their beef to the next level to save the world. Although PG, this is the perfect movie for all ages to enjoy for the night while trying to keep quiet from laughing too much. 

Hide and Seek Isn’t Always Fun

Are you ready or not? When you’re looking for a scary movie to keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further than Ready or Not. This movie takes its viewers into a terrifying game of hide and seek after a bride’s wedding night takes an unusual turn for the worst after joining her new in-laws and their unique family traditions. With the film having an R-rating, there’s already enough said. 

What Would YOU do if you Were Framed for Assassinating the President? 

When you’re interested in anything that has to do with the government, FBI and president, Angel Has Fallen is the right pick for you. See if you can uncover the real threat of secret service agent Mike Banning being framed for an attempted assassination of the president while he escapes his own agency and the FBI. These movies are always action-packed and intense, especially when they’re rated R too. 

New movies are always fun to watch no matter who they’re with or what they’re about. Whether it’s fun and adventure, horror films or action-packed mysteries, see what Town Center Colleyville in Colleyville has to offer you and your friends. For more on Town Center Colleyville and what to do in Colleyville, check out our blogs and directory!

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