Looking for food and brunch ideas in Colleville? You’re in luck. Town Center Colleyville has plenty of family-friendly brunch ideas in Colleyville for a fun weekend. Keep reading for your great plates with out-of-the-norm styled places.

From Italy to Colleyville

If you love authentic, Italian food and the experience without having to travel halfway across the world, Loveria Caffe is perfect for you. Loveria is an emporium of cafe dining, wine tasting, book lounging, art & design and of course, the finest Italian dishes imaginable. Experience the beauty of Italy in person right in your hometown.

Loveria, meaning something “irresistible”, caters to any and all events no matter the size, making sure to focus on bringing you personalized experience and memories rather than food and a paycheck. Customize your own menu for vegan, gluten-free, low carb and whatever you need.

Head to the Fresh Coast

Costa Vida is your go-to for a quick and easy escape to the coast. From feel-good salads, top-shelf tacos and big, beautiful burritos to quesadillas supremas and brilliant Baja bowls, their menu alone should satisfy your cravings.

At Costa Vida, you can customize your meals, track and earn rewards, cater to events and follow stories and how-tos at home. Learn how they get involved and are more than just good food. Favorite “Costa-mers” can also receive $300 in free food, while good samaritans or groups can be recognized and awarded as well.

If you’re looking for family-friendly brunch ideas in Colleyville for a fun weekend, you’ve found them. These two places let you experience different parts of the world right in your hometown or even in your home living room. For more brunch ideas in Colleyville at Towne Center Colleyville, check out the directory page and blogs today!

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