Get ready. Colleyville has some new places for you to try. Muggle Shakes, BurgerIM and Townhouse Brunch will be open soon in Colleyville and are all new restaurants at Town Center Colleyville. Keep reading for a taste of enjoyment:

Craft Your Own Gourmet Burger

BurgerIM has a craft your cravings concept that allows you to create up to 16 burgers any and every way you want. With so many toppings, patties, buns and flavors, your burger mix & match options are almost endless. Check out the menu for other food options or sides as well.

Enjoy a Townhouse Brunch

Townhouse Brunch is your goto for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Enjoy your mimosas and bloody marys with delicious eggs Benedict, signature pancakes, salads, sandwiches and more. Vegan options are available as well. Even if you’re hungover, they’ve got you covered with the Hangovers menu portion.

Shake Things up with Muggle Shakes

If you like being creative, you’ll love Muggle Shakes. With this frozen yogurt and dessert shop, you can take all of the flavors and toppings you love and put them into a mug. Put your sweets to the test and enjoy surprises like the Unicorn, Campfire, Straw-Quake and more. Cones, bowls and froyo options are also on the list if you need.

Next time you’re in Colleyville, check out these new restaurants at Town Center Colleyville. From shakes and desserts to burgers and brunch, satisfy your cravings the right way. To see more on what’s now open in Colleyville and new restaurants at Town Center Colleyville, check out the blogs and directory pages!

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #611597186