Are you still looking for things to do this summer? If you’re in Colleyville, we’ve got the perfect answer for you right here at Town Center Colleyville. It’s time to gather up your family and friends while you celebrate summer with new movies and dinner at Studio Movie Grill in Colleyville. Keep reading for more on your summer Studio Movie Grill nights: 

Why Studio Movie Grill?

We all like good food, good drinks and a good movie night every once in a while, so why not put them all together in one? Studio Movie Grill in Colleyville lets you catch up on new releases while catching up with the entire family at the same time. Whether it’s drama, horror or comedy, celebrate this summer with all the goodness you and your family could ask for. 

New Summers Bring New Movies

Now that a new summer is here, there are plenty of new movie releases available for you and your family to enjoy. From Stuber and Crawl to the new Spider-Man and Toy Story, you and the kids won’t ever run out of options to watch during movie night. Choose the perfect movie and get your tickets ahead of time so you can skip out on any long lines and get straight to the popcorn. 

You Can Save $$$ by Watching Movies?

It’s not every day that you get to save money while having fun, but with Studio Movie Grill, you can. Join, get and give rewards with SMG Access while watching your favorite movies and chowing down on your favorite drinks, meals and desserts. SMG Access brings movie night to a whole new level at the push of a button, so you and the family can sit back, relax and enjoy the shows the way you’re supposed to. 

With Town Center Colleyville in Colleyville, planning a fun movie night is pretty easy. This year, join the rest of the town and celebrate summer with new movies and dinner at Studio Movie Grill. For more on what to do in Colleyville and how to celebrate with family and friends, check out our blogs and directory!

Photo Image Sourced from Getty Images: #1052501724